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Wind of Cities

  • homesick home
    My friend Lisa's lovely musing on living between cultures.
  • Busty St Clair rulz 4eva
    My friend Mary's busty life can be found here. Posts in English and random mix of totally irrelevant languages that I love.
  • TimothyHuge
    My globe-trotting friend Tim's adventures can be found here. Now from Indianapolis. Posts in English.
  • もろてん。
    Fabulous site by my friend, Ponzu-chan, in Melbourne. Rich in Melbourne-related information from restaurants, markets, and events. Posts in Japanese.
  • Dr. Yumi
    My friend Yumi's site features topics including life in New York as a medical doctor, medical education in the U.S., and musing on American culture. Posts in Japanese.
  • Mika's Way
    Personal blog of my friend Mika in Tokyo. Writing focuses on her work, food, foreign travels, and marriage. Posts mostly in Japanese.
  • Nao Homepage
    My friend Naoko's blog records her life in Tokyo. Posts in Japanese.
  • Journey to the West Redux - or - Monkey Does Asia
    My friend Tatsu's blog features his journey throughout the world.
  • 韓国男ブーミン
    My friend E and her husband's blog features a wide range of topics including culture, international marriage, and raising kids. Posts in Korean and Japanese.
  • Dumpling Village News
    A heart-warming chronicle of Isabella's milestones & adventures in California and beyond. Posts in English and baby language.
  • Gen X Mama
    Lucy's most encouraging notes and musing for career-orientated, cool 'n' sexy, Gen X moms. Posts in English.